Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Your Website Design – What to Know

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Website design is something that the everyday consumer will hardly notice if done well. On the other hand, it will be glaringly obvious when it’s faulty. Your brand’s website is the ‘face’ you present to audiences online, so you should always hold your website to the highest standard. In fact, website design impacts your business’ performance through more than just first impressions.

1. It affects your ranking on search engines

Search engines have criteria that help them sort which websites are structured in a helpful, relevant way. Your website design is not just a way to hold your content together. It contains code that also needs to be SEO-friendly. 

If your web elements are difficult for search engines to understand, this will push your site further down the rankings. If your pictures do not go well with content, or if there are gaps in keywords targeted, then this makes your website “unreadable.”

A marketing agency can help you figure out how to present your ideas in a format that search engines understand. They will also know the technicalities of online publishing and would have the software and tools to make you a modern, responsive website.

2. It increases (or decreases) time spent on the site

Perhaps more so today than in previous years, audiences online are more particular about the aesthetic and functionality of websites they visit. It is not enough to dump all your specialized information on one page and trust that people will find the paragraph containing what they need. Likewise, it would not do to have a stylized website that doesn’t really talk about anything.

Audiences also do not like websites that look dated or pages that take too long to load. If your website looks like any of these, you have to rethink how you present your business. A page that loads too long, seems hastily put together, or looks like it was made decades ago can make people think that you are no longer in business, or that you are not a legitimate company.

Meanwhile, a professionally-designed website with valuable content will make people trust your business. It is important that you get the audience’s trust, because the longer they stay on your website, the better search engines rank you. This gives you more opportunities to be seen by other people searching for the keywords you target. If you are struggling with enhancing your website design, then perhaps opting for professional services from a marketing agency would be more beneficial.

3. It puts you on par with the best of your competitors

In any industry, there are companies that are the benchmark for quality and success. Think of those names that are arguably the ‘best’ in your field. If you visit their websites, you will see that they use their website design as if it were an extension of the brand. To be competitive, you should also use good web design principles for your own site. 

In short: do not lose out to your competitors. Instead, find what they are not addressing with their website, and see how your company can fill that need. When you set yourself apart, and you present your information in a modern, streamlined way, you are bound to gain more visitors.


Your audience will be more convinced to take action if they think they can trust you. They will purchase your products, sign up for your newsletter, or subscribe to your service if you put effort into how you present your information.

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