Why You Must Continue SEO Efforts in Times of Pandemic

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Nowadays, you might be asking yourself whether pushing through with your SEO efforts is the best for your business. The epidemic situation is a real big struggle where you juggle thinking about your source of income, your employees’ welfare, and your personal and family’s condition. 

It’s the “new normal” to find yourself asking whether stopping your online marketing operations would do your business good. It will save you money, but will it save your business? Big businesses are expected to survive the pandemic, but how about small businesses?

In this article, we try to make you see how your online marketing efforts can be a helpful way for your small business to survive in times of COVID-19. 

Here are the reasons you should continue with your SEO marketing efforts:

People are continuously searching and clicking online

Despite people being in lockdowns and isolating themselves, they’d eventually need to purchase essential supplies and services through online searches. More people searching online means more potential paid advertisements placement for your business. Take advantage of this situation by strategically increasing your presence.

In case you don’t have enough budget to sustain paid advertisements, you can always cut down on this. Make a smart decision by increasing your internal efforts instead. Think of other ways on how to improve your SEO through inbound marketing. If you’ve started your SEO strategy months back, by now, you already have recurring followers. Don’t disappoint them by suddenly leaving them with no new content, especially at crucial times like this.

Ranking takes time

Ranking through SEO and inbound marketing don’t come in an instant. Consider not putting a stop to your marketing efforts to avoid the potential long-term struggle for your business. When you stop now, it would likely feel like you’re starting from scratch later on when you decided to resume. It will demand your business more time and more resources to recover. Check if your business can afford it.

As much as possible, you must continue the online efforts you have so that your business’s online presence will continue to grow. If there are budget constraints, remember that you can always set a limit.

You might not feel the changes now, but with consistency, you’ll reap the benefits in the future. 

Things will get better eventually

The situation might not be ideal as of the moment, but eventually, things will get better. Businesses should be prepared for that “new normal,” and if you started today, you’ll get a stronger base for the future.  


If you find the reasons above true for your business, we think you know what you should do. Starting any business always comes with risk. Do not compromise the past efforts you did. Learn how to go with the flow and be strategic about your actions. 

In times of pandemic, you should not only look at the present condition but also see things from a long-term perspective. Decision-making might be scary, but always remember that there are marketing experts always ready to help.

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