What Google Is Looking for in Your SEO – Our Guide

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By now, you probably have an idea of how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in terms of website marketing. Because SEO is typically focused on Google’s search engine, millions of websites are competing for a spot on Google’s front page.

Google favors websites that observe certain aspects of optimization. Basically, Google has set criteria in choosing which websites go up in search results. If you’re looking to be on top of the Google ranks, here are five things your website should have:


Google keeps up to date with the latest trends. If your website is still sporting the same look as it did ten years ago, don’t be surprised if Google finds other new and refreshing web pages to endorse. That is because relevance is relative to being updated. If Google detects that the website or the page is vastly different from how it’s supposed to be these days, then the search engine disregards them and looks for another that’s more modern.


Content is what most users look for when browsing the web. They want relevant information. They don’t want something spun out of content from other websites that ends up as a bootleg version of the original. Since Google knows what users want, it prevents low-quality content from climbing the search ladder. If you want your website to rank on Google, always check the quality of your content and make sure that they stay relevant to your target audience.


Almost nobody nowadays can tolerate a website that takes forever to load. Users want a seamless experience and speed. Google sorts out the unresponsive websites and puts them in its naughty list. That means if your website isn’t optimized, then you already know why you’re not getting your SEO present.

High-quality backlinks

While Google knows that not many websites can have this, particularly newer ones, the search engine still favors sites that are linked from other verified ones. If you didn’t know yet, a backlink is when a page or resource from your website is used as a reference by another site and links a piece of information back to that page. Google looks at these as sort of a wow factor. For example, if you gain a backlink from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, then Google will believe that your content is relevant enough to be cited by them.

Local websites

This may not be as obvious, but Google actually prefers websites that clearly indicates where the business is from. The reason for this is because users usually put a location on their search terms. For instance, if a user wants to look for an SEO company near their place in Pittsburgh, they’ll type in Pittsburgh SEO expert or similar. This way, the results are narrowed down to something that’s more relevant to them, which is why Google prefers to rank those that specify where they are located.


Many websites already understand that SEO is one of the most effective marketing techniques in the digital space, so the competition is becoming more intense. For that reason, Google found a way to filter the ones that are undeserving of being in the ranks. Therefore, if you want Google to recognize your worth, you need to observe the above factors to climb the search leaderboard.

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