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Pittsburgh SEO Company

Paid Ads (Google & FB)

Are you looking for a Pittsburgh SEO Company? As part of each of our SEO Campaigns, we also include a customized PPC campaign of your choice for FREE to get you results overnight alongside your SEO campaign. PPC is often seen as a "quick fix" if you need customers overnight for your business, and is variable to whatever budget you need.

Pittsburgh SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization

If you're looking for a Pittsburgh SEO agency, look no further. What exactly is Search Engine Optimization? In short, SEO is optimizing your website, you are essentially changing how Google interprets your website, so they ultimately provide a better user experience for the people searching on Google. Want to learn more about SEO and how powerful it can be?

WordPress Web Design

Not only do we provide Pittsburgh SEO, we are also a proud Pittsburgh website design company. The power of a properly SEO optimized website cannot be understated. Having a fully responsive website that can stand as a "24/7 salesperson" for you is one of the most powerful investments you can make in your business.

Pittsburgh SEO Company
Quick, Responsive, Up to Date. Surge SEO is highly recommended. Cannot thank him enough for his work.
Pittsburgh SEO Company
Nick Melo
Melos Construction

Don't lose another customer to your competition!

We Create SEO Campaigns That Help Bring Your Business new customers

Why is SEO So Important?

Search Engine Optimization is unique from any other form of digital marketing. That is – because there can only be ONE company at the top of Google for a given keyword at any given time. 

By being at the top of Google, you not only make yourself infinitely more visible to your target audience than your competitors, you also have a ‘mark of approval’ from the most powerful search engine in the world! Google has close to 85% of the entire search engine market. 

Ultimately, being #1 on Google signifies that not only is your presence extremely dominant in the local market – but you now have access to your target market which companies paying for Google AdWords some of which pay over $100 click to get! 

We send Targeted Traffic Utilizing Digital Advertising

Need Customers Now? We Agree.

As part of each of our SEO campaigns, we also utilize the power of intent-focused, paid advertising on Google’s AdWords platform. If you’ve been struggling to get the phone ringing with referrals & word of mouth, and need a surge (pun intended) of customers now; PPC is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

From keyword research, to launching to managing, split-testing & optimizing those campaigns, we provide this done-for-you service FREE of charge (plus Adspend of course). On top of all that, we also create a custom landing page that is tailored to convert as many potential customers as possible for your business. 

"Seth is a pleasure to work with. He is committed to each client's success and provides truly valuable guidance with respect to marketing strategy. He is truly a specialist when it come to providing marketing solutions to contractors. I can recommend him without hesitation."
Pittsburgh SEO Company
Daniel Silverman
Assertive Solutions
Pittsburgh SEO Company
"I contacted Seth for help with setting up my website for my home-improvement business, local Google map listing, as well as a business Facebook page. There was clear and transparent communication regarding the costs of each, as well as the communication expectations between us. Despite not needing SEO on my website immediately based on his recommendation, Seth’s expertise in SEO gave me confidence that when my site is in need of more organic web presence in a couple of months. Surge SEO will be my first choice. A professional in every sense of the word."
Gage Burke
To-Do Listers

We Build Mobile Responsive, Clean Websites that are SEO Optimized

A Leading Pittsburgh Web Design Company

Surge SEO is not only an SEO Company, we also help maximize the traffic going to your website with an impressive web presence. 

A company can send millions of dollars worth of traffic to a website, but if it doesn’t have a strong call to action and CTR (click-through-rate), then all that traffic will be essentially worthless. 

We’ve developed methods that make creating a unique, mobile-friendly website both cost-effective as well as simple. We can take websites that others charge thousands for and deliver the same results to you for a fraction of the price!

Why Should You trust Us? We're #1 for 'Pittsburgh SEO Company' We Know what we're talking about!

Looking for Pittsburgh SEO services? We know what it takes to get to the top of Google, and we’re extremely excited to help you achieve your goal of dominating your local market online & generating dozens of calls a week. 

Pittsburgh, PA is also the second largest city in Pennsylvania & the keyword “Pittsburgh SEO Company” is one of the most difficult keywords to rank for in PA!

We stand by our belief that we’re the #1 Pittsburgh SEO company with a page 1 guarantee that nobody else offers. You will find, both with our prices & attention to detail, that you will NEVER need to search for another Pittsburgh SEO Expert again!

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