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Surge SEO stands by our

90-day money back guarantee,

and market exclusivity promise!

Whether you’re here for Pittsburgh SEO or other digital marketing services, we’ve got you! 

Surge SEO is a digital marketing agency, specializing in Local SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Website Design and Google My Business Optimization!

We don’t want to be successful without the same being said for our clients.

We guarantee that you will see massive results within 90 days of our Pittsburgh SEO services or we will completely refund your money.

Our market exclusivity promise means that we can only choose one market/niche for each city that we have a customer in. For example, once we have a dental SEO client in Pittsburgh PA, you are our only dental SEO client.

Did we mention we don’t do contracts? We can hear your sighs of relief!

What is SEO and how can it help your business?

This might come as a shock to business owners who don’t know the complexity of the Google-ranking process, but ranking number one on Google comes down to one simple thing: TRUST

How that trust is broken down is what this chart explains. But what are each of these ranking factors exactly? Watch me explain each of the factors in this video.

5 Reasons why your business needs SEO

Pittsburgh SEO

Its 2019, almost every business owner with a website has heard of SEO, and think that they know the benefits of it. Of course, by being at the top of Google increases the visibility and overall search-ability of their website, but are there any more benefits to SEO? This article lists 5 reasons why SEO (specifically, a professional SEO campaign) and how it can radically grow your business, regardless of the current size of your business. 

SEO gets you noticed

Over 90% of clicks happen on the first page of Google. Organic searching is usually the start of a local consumer’s process of buying a product or service. Which is why SEO is so powerful, by showing up on page 1 after a users search, you’re not only proving to them that your business is an authority in your domain, you’re also conveying to that customer that your business is trusted by Google, which automatically increases the credibility of your site and the chances that your website will be clicked on.

Extreme ROI

You may not have heard this before, but SEO has one of the best returns on investment in business today (especially for local businesses). This is due to the facts that:

– SEO can be tailored for any size business and budget

– You’re getting ROI in multiple areas including: The value of your website, actual leads calling your business (not the other way around), you can leverage the traffic going to your website for other products/services. 

As you can see, the ROI for SEO is multifaceted and unique. You aren’t going to get that level of ROI from Adwords or phone book ads. 

High Conversion Traffic is generated

SEO is extremely research intensive when done the right way. Everything from volume of keywords, all the way to changing the amount of keywords in an article and where those keywords are placed. This specific targeting ensures that your Pittsburgh SEO optimized pages get in front of the right consumers, the ones that are looking for the services that you’re offering!

Its incredible common for SEO companies to simply brush off SEO in lieu of Facebook or Google Ads, but (according to Zero Limit Marketing) did you know that 71.33% of searches resulted in a page 1, ORGANIC click? This is evidence that SEO is more powerful than Google Ads when it comes to conversions. 


Your competitors are doing it

I’d like you to do me a favor, your business URL into this incredibly powerful tool: ubersuggest.com. It will tell you every detail about your site, all the way down to the traffic and types of links. 

How much traffic is your website currently getting for each keyword? 

Once you do this, do the same thing for your biggest competitor (the one that ranks on Google page 1)? WHAT – their traffic is 10x what yours is? Want to know how you can bridge the gap? You guessed it, SEO. 

Pittsburgh SEO

SEO isn't going away

'The best time to plant a tree was yesterday'

For those who haven’t yet implemented SEO into their site yet, there’s still hope. Until Google dies, SEO is never going away. Google controls 90% of the search engine market right now, 

Our Services

We specialize in helping local businesses optimize their website SEO, improve their rankings on Google through our proven SEO process, and ultimately, grow their businesses 

Pittsburgh SEO

Web Design

We love creating mobile-optimized websites that draw in more customers, convert the leads that land on your site, and are fully Pittsburgh Local SEO optimized so you worry less about your website, and more about running your business.

Pittsburgh SEO

SEO Campaigns

Our SEO campaigns help your website go from just another website on the internet, to a piece of virtual real estate that generates cash flow in the form of inbound leads for your business! We offer a risk-free, 90-day guarantee for this service.

Pittsburgh SEO

Digital Ads

Don't wait to wait a few months for conversions? Want to get paying customers next week? Google PPC & FB ads might be what you need. Our campaigns are hyper-targeted for getting your business in front of the right people, at the right time, and leading them to the right place - a custom landing page!

Pittsburgh SEO

Surge Program

Our Surge Program is a combined package that includes:
- A mobile-friendly, On-page SEO optimized website
- 3-6 months of our SEO campaign
- Building and optimization of your Google My Business (GMB) listing


My experience with Seth and Surge SEO has been fantastic for my business. I was running my business like most local businesses are run - word of mouth and referrals. Seth established by digital presence for me with his 'Surge Progam', establishing my business online through a GMB, facebook business page, and citation listings just to name a few. I am already seeing improvements in managing my business through these platforms, and will be using Surge SEO in the future for our website build out and subsequent Local SEO services
Gage Burke
Business owner

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